Slowly on the Erie Canal Trail

Rochester to Hulberton 44.2km Asc 45m

Some of you will no doubt notice that we are slowly cycling this section of the Erie Canal Trail. We are meeting many tourers who are doing the whole trail in much less time than us. It is an easy ride that even we could manage more, but the constant headwind and the interesting route says to us, why bother? We are lucky to have the time.

So, we had a rest day outside of Rochester and carried on heading west towards Spencerport. At Long Pond Road, the trail should cross into the north side of the canal, but there was a detour due to construction that kept us on the south side. This trail was very tough and wet, more suited to walkers. We were able to cross a few miles on to the amusingly named Henpeck Park.

We had met two young women, Mandy and Jess, new to cycling. They were pleased to have met us as they were not sure that they would have crossed the bridge without us doing so. We shared some stories with them and hope that we have encouraged them to be adventurous.

So it was then on through Spencerport and Brockport. We were hoping to camp at Holley a few miles on, but a group of tourers told us it was closed. It’s such a shame as the park is a great spot for pitching a tent for the night. The next option on the trail was Red Rock Pond RV Park. We had been told that it was expensive. However, when we arrived, they said that we could pitch our tent for $25. They don’t have tent sites, but do have a great spot for ride in cycle campers like us.

Hulberton to Lockport 58.2km Asc 53m

Don’t be fooled by the ascent. It was only registering 6m before Lockport. Once again, it rained during the night, so we packed up wet and damp once more. Sadly, we had to forego the grandparent’s day free pancake breakfast and head on into the wind towards Albion and Medina.

Just before Medina, the canal passes over the only road on the whole stretch of the waterway. The trail through Medina is spectacular as you pass over the stunning aqueduct. It is not for the faint hearted on a bicycle as the path is very poor and with unprotected edges.

At Middleport there was a vintage car rally in the main street. We saw the bridge raised for the first time to see a pleasure boat pass under. There was a BBQ in the street to stock up my carbs with hot dog and fries.

Gasport was disappointing as there were no picnic tables for a rest stop, but just before Lockport there were great places to relax. The old locks are being refurbished which climb the Niagara escarpment. We are having another rest day here in a hotel before cycling to Niagara Falls.


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