Cycling Malaysia The Finale

Sekinchan – Kuala Selangor 38km

It is definitely wedding season around these parts. As we set off through back plantation roads there were lots of tents set up in a variety of locations. One such marquee was set up straddling the road, so we had to pass through the tables and chairs whilst the bride was having her photographs taken.

We had decided to take the coastal route to Kuala Selangor rather than the inland rice paddy route. We thought that it would be shorter and more shady, which it was. However, we could have avoided the horrible highway 5 bridge at Tanjung Karang. Luckily, there was a motorbike/pedestrian bridge, but crossing the highway to get there was a nightmare.

There is no escaping the bridge crossing into Kuala Selangor though. Another horrendous traverse with no shoulder and relentless traffic. The carriageway going north was at a standstill, and given the plethora of ambulances, police cars and fire engines, there must have been an accident somewhere.

We stayed at the Sun Inn Hotel which was a total rip off at RM99 plus the ubiquitous tourist tax. It was a maze of dark corridors with locked fire doors. Apparently, our key could open them when we queried this with the receptionist. He exclaimed that the building was concrete, so no problem for fire! All in all, we were not impressed with the hotel or Kuala Selangor.

Kuala Selangor – Kapar 36km

Reading this you may think we’re being too negative. Far from it. The cycling along quiet roads well away from Highway 5 is delightful. My problem is the relentless heat and humidity. We are now cycling in temperatures in excess 40degC. Jenny is coping much better, but I’m having to stop and rest much more frequently. We did find one such stop in the mangroves watching the crabs, wading birds and fisherman on the mud flats.

In Kapar, we stayed at the Grand Kapar Hotel (RM109). Yes, another RM10 tourist tax! The strange thing is that we are noticing people are very security minded now. Hotels have security locks on entrances and we are being warned by people to make sure that our bikes are locked and safe.

Kapar – Klang 29km

Another great day of cycling along peaceful roads. It was only 17km to the centre of Klang, but we decided to skirt south of the city to avoid highway 5. Taking quiet residential roads allows us plenty of parks to rest up for drinks and snacks. We only had one big bridge with a wide shoulder over the River Klang.

Our stop was at the EZI Hotel in a bustling commercial centre. £12 and right next door to a friendly bar serving cold beer and fish and chips!

Klang – Banting 28km

Apart from crossing another bridge over an expressway, the route out of Klang was lovely. We had a few unpaved tracks to negotiate but it was serenely peaceful and quiet. Now, it’s 40degC. The heat is really getting to me. Jenny is rightly annoyed as the cycling is easy and thoroughly enjoyable. We crossed the Langat River and I just hit a brick wall. Exhausted, I couldn’t go another mile. We found a roadside place with chairs in the shade and Jenny started to hitch. Not long, and a group of lads in a pickup stopped to help us. They were delivering a motorbike but came back 15 minutes later to pick us up and take us to our hotel OYO in Banting. Many thanks to Muiz and his friends.

Banting – Golden Beach Resort Morib 16km

Annoyingly, we are almost at 2,000km for the trip so far. But I am shattered. Even 16 km today was a chore. We are staying at this resort in a fabulous apartment. It’s not quite what we expected but there is a fabulous seafood restaurant just along the beach.

So, that’s it for the cycling trip for now. We were thinking of going to Malacca, but as we are near to KL and the airport, it’s a good place to stop. We have a great apartment booked in Kuala Lumpur for 9 days before we return home. Lots of time to organise bike boxes and enjoy a city that we have not visited before.

Sadly, it is also time to say goodbye to my Leicester City FC cap. It has served me well, but alas, no amount of cleaning will bring back the colour.



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